Administrative management can quickly become overwhelming, leaving little time for what you really like to do. Want to focus on why you started your business and delegate the tasks that hold you back? Feeling overwhelmed or just need a pair of extra eyes and hands? Or perhaps there are aspects you want to develop and improve?

Fusion Virtuelle is here to free up your time and allow you to focus on what you really like. Say goodbye to administrative hassles and embrace growth.

Administrative Management Services (non-exhaustive list):

  • Email Management and Sorting: Organize your inbox and follow up effectively

  • Agenda Management: Plan your appointments, meetings and deadlines.

  • Communication with Customers and Suppliers: Maintain fluid and professional relationships.

  • Billing and Payment Tracking: Ensure financial management for you.

  • Document Creation and Formatting: Let’s prepare professional documents to your image.

  • Creating Templates: Let’s customize templates to simplify your processes.

  • Data Entry and Database Maintenance: Ensure accuracy and constant updating.

  • Development of Procedures and Process Documents: Create clear guides for better organization.

  • Project Management: Let’s coordinate and monitor projects for their success.

  • Social Media Management: Animate your platforms with engaging content.

  • Community Management: Create a strong community around your business.

  • Audio Transcription: Let’s turn your recordings into precise texts.

  • Video Captioning: Improve the accessibility of your video content.

  • Document Transcription: Let’s convert your written files into necessary formats.

  • Travel Booking: Simplify your business trips.

  • Corporate Gifts Organization: Let’s add a special touch to your professional relationships.

Team up with Fusion Virtuelle to go beyond paperwork and take your business to new heights.

Planning an event, whether corporate or private, can be a time-consuming and fast-paced task. Careful attention to detail and a thorough understanding of needs are essential. Wondering where to start or just running out of time? Whether it’s a business lunch, a private cocktail party, a workshop, an information session, a Lac-à-l'épaule or even a congress, Fusion Virtuelle is here to simplify your life!

Event Management Services (non-exhaustive list):

  • Budget planning and monitoring: Ensure effective financial management of your event.

  • Search and selection of locations: Find the perfect place according to your needs and preferences

  • Negotiation of contracts and follow-up with suppliers: Manage administrative details with your suppliers.

  • Selection of menus and wines: Let’s customize an exceptional gastronomic experience.

  • Search for speakers, presenters: Let’s identify engaging speakers for your audience.

  • Proposal of concepts and themes: Let’s bring creative ideas to make your event memorable.

  • Proposal and coordination of activities (teambuilding, games, etc.: Let’s integrate engaging activities.

  • Guest list: Effectively manage invitations and responses.

  • Marketing material: Create impactful visual media to promote your event.

  • Documentation and presentations of the event: Produce professional documents for clear communication.

  • Coordination of registration before the event: Let’s simplify the registration process for your participants.

  • Special Request Management: Let us respond effectively to special requests.

  • Technical sheet: Let’s establish a detailed roadmap for the event.

  • Event program: Let’s make sure all activities run smoothly.

  • Site configuration: Let’s prepare the optimal environment for your event.

  • Gifts and promotional items: Let’s customize memorable gifts for participants.

  • Post-event follow-up, feedback, surveys and analysis: Let’s assess the impact and gather feedback for future improvements.

With Fusion Virtuelle at your side, every detail of your event is supported, giving way to a hassle-free and successful experience!

Work-life balance is a challenge that we all face, but sometimes personal priorities take a back seat. Fusion Virtuelle is here to offer you valuable support in planning your daily appointments, travel bookings and personal tasks.

How can I ease your burden?

If your work priorities take up most of your time, and you find it difficult to remember or free up time to organize the rest of your life, let me bring balance to your hectic life!

Private Concierge Services (non-exhaustive list):

  • Personal appointments: Hairdresser, aesthetic, medical, and more.

  • Search and booking of events/family holidays: Let’s ensure unforgettable moments for you and your loved ones.

  • Organization of appointments for your landscaping, car, etc.: Keep your property and belongings in perfect condition.

  • Online gift purchases and orders: Manage your gift lists and online purchases.

  • Coordination of private events and functions: Let’s plan special occasions to meet your expectations.

  • Invitations: Manage invitations for your private events.

  • Obtaining quotes: Find the best deals for your specific needs.

  • Search for places, products and services: Let’s locate the best places, products, and services according to your preferences.

Fusion Virtuelle is determined to simplify your life by taking charge of the details that can weigh on your daily life. Free yourself to enjoy every moment, I take care of the rest!

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